Free-flight aero sport of Paragliding/ Hang Gliding is being practiced for over three decades internationally and is the youngest element in the adventure spectrum in India.


12.1  Free-flight aero sport of Paragliding/ Hang Gliding is being practiced for over three decades internationally and is the youngest element in the adventure spectrum in India. Flatland flying of Paraglider/ Hang Glider has brought the sport out of the hills to the plains. Flights of over 500 kms on Hang Glider and 345 kms on Paraglider speak of the performance levels it has reached today.

12.2  The activities are conducted or operated by Pilots/Instructors/Operators duly qualified and endorsed by recognised National or International Aerosports organisations. In India the apex body for all aerosports is Aero Club of India and is affiliated with the international sporting body, FAI.

12.3 Pilot Guides / Instructor / Tandem Pilots

a) Para glider Instructors/Tandem Pilot must be current and have a Instructor/Tandem Pilot certification from a recognised National or International body.

b) A minimum first aid course provided by a recognised and qualified provider

c) A minimum of 200 flying days AND minimum 200 hours of logged air time.

12.4 Equipment And Accessories

a) Paragliding wings must have APCUL ,DHV,CEN or any certification recognised by FAI. Such certification should be stitched on the wing and visible for inspection. Harness should be with back protection and harness must be fitted with round type certified rescue parachute.

b) Helmets are compulsory.

c) Proper log books must be maintained for all equipment.

d) Annual inspection and certification of equipment for air worthiness must be carried out by an inspector who is qualified to be a Instructor.

e) Users manual and maintenance manual shall be prepared by the manufacturer and copies of the same shall be submitted.

f) The operator shallmaintain the General log-books and documents ail/airframe of Paragliders / Hang gliders.


12.5  Operator must have access to safe and open take off points in case of hill launches. The take off point should be free from obstructions in the take off path and should not have rock or crops which could injure the participant. Cliff take off points must strictly not to be used.

12.6 The operator must have free and clear access to a designated landing ground free of obstructions such as tall trees, buildings, electric wires etc.

12.7 First aid must be available at site with Qualified First aid Instructors (having additional knowledge of related accidents), with arrangements with a nearby hospital for quick emergency services.

12.8 Wind conditions should be strictly monitored and the activity must be done within the weather conditions stipulated by the equipment manufacturer.


12.9 The following documentation is required to be maintained by the operator:


a) Details of owner and operator

b) Document indicating the annual inspections carried out by an inspecting body

c) List of licensed instructors along with copies of relevant certifications

d) Evidence of public and other liability insuranc


a) Log book containing the daily operation sheets

b) Accident/ incident report sheets

c) Paraglider/ hang glider inspection register and operation log

d) Reserve Packing log Books

e) Wing Certification Documents

f) Risk assessment and management plan

g) Emergency procedures manual

h) Manufacturer’s product manual

i) Current inspection report

Information to be provided for participants and visitors:

a) Description of the activity and safety instructions

b) Weather, Medical and Age Limits and restrictions

c) Information relating to personal public liability insurance of the operatore mergencies and Risk Mitigation

12.10 Each paragliding center should establish and review procedures for all possible emergencies.

12.11 Every instructor, pilot and student should thoroughly understand and practice emergency procedures.

12.12 A monthly risk assessment as per given proforma needs to be carried out reviewed by the chief instructor and the owner/operator and records maintained.