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Camping in India

Among the various adventure activities that India promises, camping is one which takes the fancy of tourists and residents alike. This is the one chance to be unified with nature

an opportunity to feel the warmth and comfort of nature at its best. Without any dearth of places or avenues for camping, India has the greatest array of camping options any place can afford. Camping allows for not only living and relaxing in the outdoors, but also opportunity for nature trails, and native activity. Whether in the chilling mountains, in the dusty desert or even the sun kissed beaches, there is a charm that no other experience can bring. There are several ways in which camping in India can be enjoyed. With each region throwing up variety in landscape, a supporting camping tour enables you to acquaint yourself with the richest endowments of the country. Camping in Himachal Pradesh allows you to undertake rafting, fishing and hiking, while escaping to camping sites at Uttaranchal gives you a chance to escape from the frenzy and pollutants of life. Wildlife and desert elements are the mainstay of camping in Rajasthan, while camping in Goa only means unbridled fun. There is no real season to enjoy camping, although you would need to take into consideration seasonal elements when you plan your tour. In the summer, for instance, Rajasthan can be scorching, but Uttaranchal and Himachal can be especially refreshing. Camping in Goa in the monsoons can be quite a dampener, while the winters up North can be unforgiving. Most people enjoy camping in modest tents, and it is important that you plan accordingly. It is important that you carry all your gear including food supplies, bedding and other essentials. Safety also warrants that you carry all medication and first aid that might be required, including protection against bugs and insects and also against injury. During your camping expedition, you may require the need for first aid, and administering basic first aid is something it may be useful to know. Try and restrict yourself to authorised camping sites so that you can ensure that you are in safer territory. Avoid going to places which have danger warnings. There can be nothing better than the outdoors to help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. With the exotic locales, abundant greenery and stunning backdrop that India provides, you can be assured a holiday that is calming and rehabilitating.


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