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Horse Safari

There are various ways to explore a new territory. On foot, in a vehicle, on elephant back, astride a camel, and even from a distance in the sky in a balloon.

However, nothing can really compare with a horse safari, especially when you are in India. India has been the land where most of the monarchs conquered their land on horseback, and the same feeling of grandeur and importance can be recreated easily with a trusted thoroughbred and a genial landscape along with you. The sandy desert state of Rajasthan makes for the best place to experience a horse safari. What make a horse safari exquisite here are the topography, the climate, the design and the attractions of the state. Beginning with the palaces, to the forts and all the way through to the rocky, sunny locales, you will notice a sense of adventure and a raw appeal which grabs you almost instantly. While you may be able to get to most places quite easily, there are set courses which take you to the most amazing spots and enable you to make the most of the experience. Including cities like Jodhpur, Ranakpur and Kumbalgarh, this is not just a lesson in history and culture, but also one of the greatest ways to make the state known to you. An acquaintance with tribals and their lands, wild animals in their habitat, and also the imposing homes of the erstwhile nobles, a horse safari is not just a speedy sojourn through the state of Rajasthan, but also a great chance to take in its beauty. While it may be best for you to take this trip in the mild months, there is nothing to stop you coming through the year. The months between October and March are ideal for travel, since they are relatively mild and allow you a more pleasant experience. Before you actually take off on a horse safari, it is important to enjoy good health and a modest level of fitness. Being on horseback for many hours through the day can take a toll on your body physically, and therefore, being in good shape is important. You should also have some understanding of horse riding, which can be learnt and practiced quite easily. Horse riding can be enjoyed at different levels, including a leisure ride, an intermediate ride and also an advanced ride. Your level of expertise can help you decide which is best. Carry first aid and all your medication with you at all times.


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