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Mountain Biking

The rush of being out in the open and feeling vast expansiveness around you is a thrilling feeling. It is the most relaxed way to enjoy a holiday

Most environmentally friendly option too. This is why it is being advocated widely, and propagated on a large scale. Mountain biking has every conceivable element of adventure woven delicately into it. There is lots of action, plenty of thrill and a certain feeling of being on the edge that drives everyone toward it with a vengeance. Mountain biking gives you endless possibilities of climbing up the steepest slopes along winding roads that take you to the summit, and then plunge you down at breakneck speeds. Amid pristine whites of the snow, with chilly winds that offer pleasant company, and the refreshing fresh air that infuses renewed energy into your soul, you will notice a sublime euphoria in the experience you will have. When in North India, you will have a chance to ride through the Himalayas along some of the most revered circuits. Including the Jalori Pass in Himachal, the Solong Valley, Manali, Khanag and Narkanda, your senses can feast on the greatest visual delights and also the most challenging terrain possible. In the South, the mountains are more hospitable, and set you amid coffee and tea estates, fragrant vanilla and cardamom plantations and also some imposing rainforests. The whistling winds course through your being, hair and soul and touch you at every level. Every season is favourable for mountain biking, provided the climate is favourable. Depending on where you intend to indulge in your mountain biking expedition, you would need to set dates that match. You would certainly want to avoid mountain biking in the heart of the relentless winters in the Himalayas, while the monsoons in South India are hopelessly wet and extremely unfavourable for mountain biking. When you decide on booking yourself a mountain biking tour, you must be prepared mentally and physically. It can be gruelling on the body, and you will find that you are prone to lots of change in geography and climate through the tour. You must be in good shape physically and be mentally ready for the challenges ahead. Have your blood pressure and other parameters checked before you begin. On your tour, you will be provided the basics including your gear and equipment, and you should ensure that you have little baggage so that the ride becomes easier and lighter on you. make sure you have all medication on standby and contingency supplies for emergencies as well.


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