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Rafting In India

India is amongst some of the world’s best destinations if you’re keen on going white water rafting. We've got enough raging rivers and plenty of adrenalin pumping rapids to keep the most ardent thrill seekers occupied and excited.

Somewhere along the way as powerful rivers descend from the majestic mountains, epic rafting adventures are born. The raging rivers of India have no match when it comes to their might and while they are usually a source of life and harvest, they are also capable of wrecking immense havoc. Therefore it should come as no surprise that the rivers in India are named after goddesses and gods. There is a playful side to these rivers of course and that’s when they play host to several river adventures amongst them river rafting being the most exhilarating one. The rivers race through gorges and entice you to cruise down their cobbled ways and conquer their immense rapids. It is this wild course, complete with unpredictable plunges and seemingly endless rapids that leads this to an experience of a lifetime. There are several places in India where you can go white water rafting. The Beas, Bhagirathi, Brahmaputra, Ganga, Indus and Spiti are just some of the many rivers that you can choose to raft down. The best time to go rafting is between the months of September and November. Rafting during the winter months when the water turns freezing cold can be a whole lot of hard work. It’s not easy paddling with numb fingers and chattering teeth! That said, it is not impossible and if you’re determined enough, you could do it. Another option is to come during the spring season from March to April when the snow has begun to thaw and the rivers are starting to lose their icy edge. It is important to stay safe while rafting, and therefore, enthusiasts are best advised to carry adequate gear including a jacket, proper footwear and protective headgear. The rafting operator you go through will make it a point to provide you these and you must make it a point to put them on securely. Rafting is an activity that’s also best enjoyed in a group. It’s a great team activity for families, friends and even colleagues. There are several Grade 1 rapids in India that’ll give even the younger children in your family a taste of their first white water rafting adventure. For those who are daredevils there are several Grade 5 rapids in the country as well as under explored rivers like the Brahmaputra in the North-East that are just yearning to be discovered further.


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