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Youth Adventure Programs

Youth Adventure Programs need to be filled with enough adventure and activities to capture the boundless energy of the youth. Several ATOAI members offer a variety of interesting Youth Adventure Programs.

Whether you are deciding where to take an energetic school group or you're seeking to put together an Adventure Summer Camp for a group of children, ATOAI members have itineraries and suggestions that will appeal to you no matter what your preferences. While planning a Youth Adventure Program or while deciding to pick the right one, the first thing to consider is the age group you are catering to. A lot of adventure activities have height stipulations so make sure you do your research thoroughly. The next thing to consider is the tour operator you choose to go with. If you're responsible for the safety of several young adults then you must be sure of the reliability of the operator. Make sure you read up on the reviews of the operator and if you're in doubt, you can always contact ATOAI for advice. There are several adventure focused activities that Youth Adventure Programs can include. The ones that appear to be most popular are White Water Rafting and Hiking. Always ensure that the children are carrying the right gear and equipment. Ask your tour operator to send you a gear list well in advance so that everyone has time to prepare for the trip. Other activities that can be included are Skiing, Zip Lining, Mountaineering, Canyoning and more. Depending on your preferences and the preferences of your group, the trip can also be a Multi Activity Holiday.


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