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Andaman & nicobar

There is adventure at various paces available here. With rides on ferries and motor boats called doongies, swimming in the seas and also beach fun, you are just about getting warmed up for what lies ahead.

The Aberdeen Jetty in Port Blair brings some great opportunity for beach and water activity including wake-boarding, surfing, water skiing and sail boarding. This is also a great place for snorkelling since there is a large coral reef which has enthralling sights, including some of the most beautiful marine life. The Mahatma Gandhi Marine Park offers the possibility of renting glass bottomed boats which enable you to take in the beauty below. They also allow for swimming and snorkelling. There are some great sites for diving in the Andaman Islands. These include the coast of Havelock, Pilot Reef, Minerva Ledge, Aquarium and Elephant Beach, and also Turtle Bay.When around these islands, you must know that there is the influence of the North East monsoon which will be felt. Save the monsoon months, all other times are great for travel. However, you must ensure that you are well trained and in good condition to undertake activity. Take sufficient training before hand, and always stay close to instructors. Pick a level which you feel comfortable at, and do not strain the body overly. Carry all medication required. This is not the best place for heart patients to try adventure sport.There are places which are beyond limits, and you should respect it for your own safety. Stick to regulations and limits, and you will find that you can enjoy your holiday better.


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