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Andhra Pradesh

Of the many states and regions in India, the southern state of Andhra Pradesh has the distinction of being known as the Kohinoor of India. This state offers a heady mix of various elements which include a generous dose of history and culture, and also plenty of scope for adventure as well. Andhra Pradesh is the host to moments of fun and excitement, the place where there is adventure galore, a state where you can push yourself to the limit and test your skill against the elements of nature

Given that there is a large coast which is available to this state, there is great possibility for water based adventure sport. This takes the form of angling and boating. There are also ropeways and locations where you can try some trekking and rappelling. Most of these activities are centred around locations like Hyderabad, Vizag and Srisailam. Wildlife is an important part of the state of Andhra Pradesh, where you will find several kinds of species of animals and birds, which make for not just a colourful spectacle, but also plenty of action. Among the many sanctuaries within the state are the Nellapattu and Coringa Sanctuaries, the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park and the Aliasgar Deer Park. Not only are these extremely popular, but also the place where you will be greeted with lots of fuel for your passion of the outdoors. When you intend to visit Andhra Pradesh, it is important to now that the state is largely hot and humid through the year. Although there is no real winter in this state, the time between October and February are more tolerable. However, the state receives its monsoon between the months of November and January, being influenced by the North East monsoon winds. This information and a check on the weather should be able to help you plan better. There is little preparation required when you visit Andhra Pradesh. Since most of the activity is fairly moderate, you should be able to manage it with little inconvenience. However, when you decide to take up activities like rappelling and trekking, ensure that you are in good physical health. Carry enough medication and make sure you are protected from mosquitoes. Since most activity is concentrated in certain areas of the state, make sure you get a taste of it all.


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