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Arunachal Pradesh

There are several states that make up the East of India. While each has its own unique flavour and history, what really gives them something in common is that there is a sense of anonymity and a shroud of mystery that surrounds them all. While some people may think that these are states best left untouched, the adventure enthusiast often feels this is the best place to look for the unknown.

This is why adventure tours in Arunachal Pradesh are fairly popular. There are several themes for adventure in Arunachal Pradesh. While some activity is based on the hills the many rivers also make for interesting activity and provide lots of fun. The hills of the state are challenging and give you lots of scope to try various mountain activities, of which trekking and rock climbing are most popular. There are various routes which are up on offer, and your own preferences can help guide you on which you should select. Among the popular ones are Tawang Chu, Siang Valley and Talley Valley. Feel free to look for alternatives and make your own course. In the slopes also comes the unique chance to try some rafting and angling. These are among the main sports and adventure activities of the state, possible in many locations. The greatest of these experiences are possible in Siang, Dibang and Subansiri. There are a range of snow capped peaks in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, which make the experience only more chilling and enjoyable. Mountain climbing in Arunachal Pradesh is a pleasure, and having come this far, it is a pity to leave without trying it. Look for the best peaks and scakle new heights. Other simper forms of adventure include camping, fishing and hiking, which may not be as compelling, but assure you as much fun. The winters can get rather cold, and therefore, the best time to get here would be before them. All the way till October, you can find any time that you prefer, and come enjoy the adventure here. It is important to be in good health, especially when you want to try any of the mountain based activity. Conditioning the body and mind is important, so try and keep fit and work the body to suit the needs of the adventure beforehand. Look for a good guide to take you through. Carry all supplies in sufficient quantities. Look for restricted areas and places where special permission is required. Also ensure that the association and instructor are registered when you seek their assistance.


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