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Among the best known of the eastern states is Assam, not just for its size but also for the pleasure it is for tourists to come visit it. Assam is a beautiful state with many natural wonders to boast of. This is the place to be for everyone – be it the honeymooner, backpacker, or even adventure lover. If you are looking for a thrill and a unique way to explore it, Assam is the place to be.

Adventure in Assam is waiting to explode before you, and beckons with a full-throated voice. The biggest draw of Assam is the river Brahmaputra which flows through it in full force. Most of the activity in Assam is based around it, just as the whole state draws sustenance from it. Water sport and adventure has great potential here, which is why the state is really popular. Angling is not just a pastime, but a full fledged form of adventure here. There are several rivers where this is possible, including Kapili, Manas and Jia Bhoroli. Look for your prized catch. The lucky ones can also try and catch hold of the Golden Mahsee If you want competition, look for the annual angling rally held around November. This is a good way to pit your skill against others, and also to enjoy your holiday better. When in the lap of the grand Brahmaputra, there is no better way to enjoy it that by taking a river cruise. Enjoy the enormity and grandeur of this natural wonder in style. The best stretch to take this in is between Dhubri and Ninging. If a cruise is too slow for you, try boat racing. This is not just a pastime, but a passion for most people here. The festivals are the time when the boats come out in full force, mostly in places like Guwahati, Barpeta and Hajo. The rapids along the river Brahmaputra and its tributaries are extremely fierce. If they are not daunting, they will certainly prove a challenge and help you get some of the best white water rafting experiences. The monsoons lash Assam between June and September, which is when travel is best avoided. The winter months, between October and February are the best times to visit. While there is no strict regulation about visiting the state, look for stipulations and rules and ensure they are followed. Ensure that you are fit and in good health when visiting. If you have any health ailments, look for milder forms of adventure sport and simpler activity. Avoid challenging ones like rafting and boat racing. Angling and cruises can help relax you.


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