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The state of Gujarat may seem like a quiet state in the west of India which loves to rest on its culture and relaxed lifestyle, but there is adventure galore that is waiting for the avid enthusiast. Gujarat is blessed with a wonderful disposition and a rather generous dose of variety when it comes to the landforms within it. This is why there are several avenues for different forms of adventure to be enjoyed, and many pastimes that can make you feel completely enthused.

The western state allows you to uncover the quest for fun, and unleash all the potential within you. Gujarat has plenty of fun which is derived from the waters. Given the abundant coastline which Gujarat has, there are several beaches where many kinds of water sport can be enjoyed fully. There are slower water based activities, and several others which are sure to give you a rush and push up the action quotient many notches. Surfing has been a widely enjoyed activity, which can be tried in many locations, the best of which include the Mandvi Beach at Ahmedpur, the Dumas Beach and also the Chorwad beach. However, there is no doubt that the Ahmedpur beach is most frequent and preferred since there are other adventure activities including water skiing and water scooter riding which can also be made possible. Trekking is another interesting sport which you can include into your tour. With several interesting and challenging routes that are made available through the state. The Satpura range may not be the tallest in the country, but it certainly has enough to keep you on your feet! A chance to catch some interesting wild beasts and birds, and also a chance to acquaint yourself with the ancient tribes, this is a lesson that you do not want to miss out on. Rock climbing is a small bonus that you may be thrown in on this expedition. To make things more appealing, you can try some animal safaris, which could allow you the possibility of either riding on horseback through some of the most impressive breeds in the country, or on camels through the arid sections of the state. Each, with its own native charm presents an array of dimensions and charms. However, the undisputed mainstay of your tour would be a chance in a jeep safari through the Gir Forest, home to the magnificent Asiatic Lion. This is the best chance that you can run to get close to the wild and to the kings of the jungle. Gujarat is pleasant and hospitable. The summers could get rather warm, and the best time to visit the state would be after the monsoon, which ends around September. October to March remain ideal tourist months. The winters are enjoyable and enable you to take back the best of adventure sport. It is important to be physically and mentally prepared for your trip well in advance. Ensure you carry enough medication and plenty of supplies. If you are looking to try some more active sports including water sports and trekking get some practice, keep your life jackets handy and get all physical parameters tested before you begin. Avoid going too high into the hills if you suffer from vertigo or blood pressure, or even heart ailments. There are no real regulations which need to be followed, other than special permits when you need to enter any restricted territory.


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