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Haryana may seem like a small, unassuming territory with nothing serious to boast of. However, the state actually contains within it some of the greatest locations, and also the greatest experiences of adventure and activity in the country. Haryana has a wonderful mix of the hills, water and also some plains. There is plenty of anticipation and excitement that is associated with adventure in the state of Haryana. Several avenues make it possible for the timid and the challenged equally.

Among the various forms of adventure, parasailing is among the most thrilling. A chance to have your body swept over by the wind and test your strength and endurance against the vagaries of the wind, this is a great way to meet your own fantasy of thrill. There is more than one area where you can test your parasailing skills with Karnal, Bhiwani and Hissar. The Pinjore Aviation Club is another great place to get some handy pointers and also soar through the skies. Rugged rock climbing is a wonderful sport that can keep you on edge and also take in the beauty of the surroundings. This is also a great place to learn the ropes. Solang, Damdama and Tikkar Tal are among the most famous locations. There is also opportunity to undertake white water rafting down the foamy waters. A milder form is canoeing, which can be experienced in the Grey pelican Yamuna Nagar, Morni Hills, Damdama Lake and Tikkar Tals. The river Yamuna lends itself beautifully for those looking for scenic beauty, and also for adventure. Haryana has a rather severe winter, but can be visited any other time of the year. The months between April and November are ideal for all adventure sport. However, there is something for you to take back, and lots to partake in no matter what time you travel to Haryana. Depending on the kind of adventure you are looking to undertake, it would be necessary for you to prepare adequately. No matter what you are looking for, it is important that you ensure that you are in good shape physically. It is best that you find a form of adventure which suits your temperament. Prepare well for any mountain based activity, and ensure that you have enough practice before you take on the hills. During the winters, ensure you prepare and pack especially well, and travel in groups with an experienced instructor.


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