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Eco Code Of Conduct

ATOAI Pledge


Eco-Code Of Conduct


As ATOAI members, we pledge to be the guardians of our natural heritage and work as honorary wardens of the areas we operate in.


We Pledge :


1. LEAVE NO TRACE POLICY: We will leave our campsites, trails and areas of operation cleaner than we find them. We will not pollute or let others pollute our water bodies. We will set up our camps, toilets, kitchens and washing areas, away from any water source and ensure that no discharge goes into the water bodies. We will minimize campfire and noise pollution impact and be mindful of other adventurers in the area. We will use existing trails and campsites and avoid making new ones.

2. IMPACT ON LOCAL COMMUNITY: We will have a positive impact on local communities in our area of operation. We will encourage local employment, skill development and purchase locally where possible. We will respect local traditions and customs.

3. SUSTAINABLE PRACTICES: We will follow sustainable practices during our operations and encourage waste segregation, recycling, use of renewable energy sources and proper disposal of waste. We will encourage other operators in our area of operation, to follow sustainable practices.

4. CARBON FOOTPRINT: We will be mindful of our carbon footprint and endeavour to offset it, where possible, by planting trees and minimizing our footprint by using renewable energy sources, efficient fuel sources, vehicles with low emissions and by avoiding the use of wood for cooking.

5.CUSTODIANS OF OUR NATURAL HERITAGE: We will function as guardians and custodians of our natural heritage and the areas we operate in, follow all rules and regulations and respect and protect our fauna, flora, avifauna and coral reefs. We will report any wrongdoings to the authorities.

6.FOLLOW STCI IN LETTER AND SPIRIT: We will make a sincere effort to understand and implement the ' Sustainable Tourism Criteria of India' in our operations, in letter and spirit. We will also educate our staff about the criteria. We will ensure the safety and security of women travellers, take steps to prevent child abuse and have a zero-tolerance policy for the same.






  • Capability to function a particular kind of activity
  • Declaration about staff's qualification and experience 
  • Skill to handle a particular business


  • Not to kill each other's business and to focus on your own specialization and skills
  • Share information and resources with industry colleagues

Provide information to the clients at their request with complete details with the cost, restrictions, cancellation policy etc., without any hidden or surprise cost as accurate as possible.

To attend client's complaints and find solutions at the earliest.

To remit any undisputed funds under your control within the specified time limit.If there is a delay, to keep the clients informed.

Not to obtain improperly the client's list or other confidential information from employee's former employer

To treat every client's transaction in full confidence and not to disclose information without his permission unless it is required by law.

To abide by central/state and local laws and regulations in every respect.

To use the highest quality of equipment to conduct your business

10. Commitment and Welfare of Local Community

11. Do not give over commitment to the clients which you cannot fulfil.

12. Re-invest any resources utilized, i.e., give back to the area where you are doing business

13. Respect religion and local community sentiments

14. Follow and practice Environmental Pledge of the Association.


THE LAST STRAW Download certificate



We, _____________ pledge that from this day (05.06.2018) onwards

we will ban the use of plastic straws in all our operations and offices.

We will also try and eliminate single use plastic as soon as possible in all our operations.