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Bird watching

Bird Watching

Bird Watching 30 Bird Watching

About Bird Watching

The vast land of India is filled with a plethora of landscapes and also a variety of flora and fauna. The country is home to different kinds of animals and birds. Nature is one of the greatest boons here and exploring its beauty is not just delightful but also gives an individual immense peace.

There are more than 1250 avifauna species of local and migratory birds found in India. Migratory birds fly every year to India and attract a lot of tourists who enjoy bird watching. Not only are these birds simply magnificent to look at but their habitat and chirping add to their overall appeal. So, enhance your knowledge about the different species of birds by indulging in a bird watching tour in India.


Best Places for Bird Watching in India

A lot of people simply tour the country to enjoy the beauty of nature and everything that it has to offer. The activity is not just refreshing to the body and mind but also deeply enjoyable. There are many places to enjoy bird watching tours in India.

 1. Uttarakhand

 Famous for being one of the best places to truly enjoy the beauty of nature, this state is ideal for bird watching. Bird watching tours in Uttarakhand lets you explore a wide variety of exotic bird species.

 2. Himachal Pradesh

 Hailed for its breathtaking landscapes, the land of Gods is a great place to enjoy bird watching. Places like The Tirthan valley and Pong dam are ideal for this activity.

 3. West Bengal

 With a number of bird sanctuaries, the state of Bengal has a lot to offer in terms of bird watching. Endangered species like fairy-bluebirds and Himalayan pied hornbills are also found here.

 4. Sikkim

 30 percent of the total bird population in the country can be found in Sikkim. This is why it is one of the best places for being in nature and bird watching.

 5. Andhra Pradesh

 Nature lovers would enjoy the varied species of birds that are found in Andhra Pradesh making it one of the best places to enjoy bird watching.

 6. Kerala

 Kerala is well known for its biodiversity and ecosystem which provides a nurturing environment to many bird species. Thattekad and Munnar are ideal locations to see beautiful and rare species of birds.

 7. Maharashtra

 Bird watchers would tremendously enjoy the various bird watching hotspots that the state of Maharashtra has to offer. Many areas around the Western Ghat are ideal for this activity.

 8. Karnataka

 The state of Karnataka is home to several animal sanctuaries where you can find many exotic and rare species of birds.

 9. Assam

 You can find a wide variety of exotic species of birds in Assam such as Collared Treepie, Green-tailed and Ruby-cheeked Sunbird.

 10. Arunachal Pradesh

 The diverse variety of exotic birds that can be found in Arunachal Pradesh makes it a very exciting destination for bird watching. You can spot many fascinating and colourful variety of bird species here.

 11. Tamil Nadu

 Bird spotting can be enjoyed at Tamil Nadu which is home to a wide variety of bird species. Topslip, Mudumalai and Ooty are some of the places to enjoy this activity.

12. The Andaman Islands

 One of the most famous and enjoyable activity at the Andaman Islands is bird watching. The place is home to many species of birds including endemic ones.

13. Jammu and Kashmir

 The state of Jammu and Kashmir has some majestic locations ideal for bird watching. You can find species like Bush Warbler, White-tailed Rubythroat and Wallcreeper here. 

 14. Madhya Pradesh

 The abundance of nature in the state of Madhya Pradesh makes it a great habitat for many species of animals and birds.

bird watching 5 Bird Watching

 Important Tips for Bird Watching

  > Get a good binocular

 It is hard to spot birds clearly from far off, which is where binoculars come into good use.

 > Be silent and patient

 Birds react to sound and movement which is why being quiet is important.

 Necessary Precautions for Bird Watching


 > Study natural habitat of birds beforehand.

 > Avoid making sudden movements.

 > Don’t wear flashy clothes that make you stand out and make you easily visible

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