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About Kayaking

India is land of rivers and all its water bodies add on to the scintillating natural beauty of this glorious land. Now you must have explored the various landscapes of this country via roads and gone on trekking trips and safaris. As enjoyable as those activities are, have you ever imagined ditching the land altogether. Instead go exploring through the beautiful water bodies of India. Imagine being in a boat in the middle of a vast river with giant mountains, green land and a beautiful scenery surrounding you. The sport of Kayaking is a water sport that allures anyone bitten by the adventure bug. It is also a favorite of those who simply can’t resist water bodies.

Best Places for Kayaking in India

Kayaking is a great way to explore the surroundings and get active on water bodies such as river, lakes or sea. It lets you feel the real pulse of the place from a whole new different perspective. There are some fabulous spots to try out this adventure activity in India.

1.Arunachal Pradesh

If you are looking to try kayaking then Subansiri River is one of the best places in India to do so. Not only does the place boast of some really breathtaking beauty but the rich aquatic life inside the river also makes the experience all the more beautiful.


The serene Kali River that flows into India from neighboring Nepal is a fabulous place to try out the sport of kayaking. Surrounded by lush greenery on all sides this river in the state of Uttrakhand also has calm stretches that are perfect for beginners.

3.Jammu and Kashmir

One of the biggest hot spot for kayaking in India is the Nagin Lake which is in picturesque Kashmir. The clean blue water of the river is a delight to see and touch and adds on to the experience of the adventure ride. Also the gorgeous scenery of the valley of Kashmir is a sight for sore eyes.

4.Andaman and Nicobar

The Andaman and Nicobar islands are home to some of the most pristine beaches and turquoise water. The experience of kayaking from one island to another is not just the best way to explore the place but also to enjoy the beautiful coral reefs.


The state of Kerala is famous for its serene surroundings and beautiful backwaters. The best way to truly see this amazing place is by kayaking through its backwaters. Not only is the experience immensely peaceful but it also gives you a chance to see the country side and quaint villages of Kerala.


Goa is full of water bodies such as bays, rivers, and backwaters that are its major attraction. For most who visit this lively place, the sport of kayaking is a must not just to truly enjoy the water bodies but also to explore Goa completely.


The Kundalika River located in Kolad in the state of Maharashtra is a fabulous place to enjoy the thrilling sport of kayaking. Not only is the river serene and beautiful but the surroundings of the place offer the perfect scenic view that makes the experience all the more wonderful.


The Sita Nadi in Karnataka is a favorite among adventure lovers and those who enjoy kayaking. The Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary along the banks of the river provide an altogether beautiful view that makes the sport all the more enjoyable.

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Important Tips for Kayaking

> Learn to paddle

The most important thing that needs to be kept in mind is that you know how to paddle if you are planning to go kayaking.

> Dress according to water temperature

The temperature on land varies from water temperature so dress accordingly.

Necessary Precautions for Kayaking

> Select the appropriate boat
> Make sure you are physically fit

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