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Mountain Biking

The rush of being out in the open and feeling vast expansiveness around you is a thrilling feeling. it is the most relaxed way to enjoy a holiday

Mountain Biking

mountain biking 4 Mountain Biking

About Mountain Biking

Nothing beats the feeling of the adrenaline rush that coerces through the veins while riding a bicycle through the seldom trailed terrains of majestic mountains. It is not just a great sport but also one of the best possible ways to explore nature. What can be more thrilling than climbing up the steepest slope and come down at neck breaking speed only to chase along the gushing river towards mesmerizing valleys? Nothing spells thrill like mountain biking which gives you the euphoric pleasure of feeling the gust of fresh air and ride through the most panoramic places that behold tremendous beauty.

Best Places for Mountain Biking in India

Looking to explore the great mountainous terrains of India in a way that has not been done before but wondering where to begin? While mountain biking is picking up and becoming a sort after adventure sport, it is ideal that you know the best places worthy of this thrilling sport.

1. Ladakh

If you really have the zeal to take your bike through terrains that can sometimes be a bit testing then Ladakh is the place for you. The Leh-Zanskar mountain bike tour gives you a peak of breath taking valleys that have some really narrow lanes.

2. Himachal Pradesh

The colorful beauty of Manali- Leh is a sight for sore eyes but its biking trail can be the most exciting and challenging one ever. It is certainly a mountain biking tour that adventure lovers need to take once.

3. Karnataka

If you are looking for a more hospitable environment where you can just enjoy mountain biking and also the beauty of the surroundings then Coorg is the trail for you. With no daunting trail but a vast stretch of greenery with a beautiful view of coffee plantation, this place is perfect for a mountain biking trip.

4. Himachal Pradesh

Not only is the mountain biking trail of Kangra extremely exciting but it also provides the most spectacular view of the valley.

5. Uttarakhand

Garhwal is perhaps one of the most thrilling biking trails that you can enjoy all the while exploring the beautiful Himalayan villages and glaciers around. Uttarakhand is a haven for mountain bikers with its rugged trails that promise adventure at every turn.

Mountain Biking 2 Mountain Biking

Important Tips for Mountain Biking

> Braking

Mastering the use of brakes is of utmost importance before you take your bike on any trail. It is important to know when to shift the weight on the wheels while traveling upslope and downslope.

> Climbing Uphill

An uphill climb that happens all too frequently during any mountain biking trail needs good amount of effort and use of certain key points. Some factors that you must always remember are shifting to a low gear, staying seated, leaning forward and continuous pedaling.

> Descent

Just like going uphill, descending downwards takes a lot of effort. Also, during the downward descent you have to be completely in control of your bike. Make sure you don’t oversteer or rise above the saddle and definitely don’t shift weight side to side while going downhill. Another point to take care of is that you shift to a big chain wheel.

Necessary Precautions for Mountain Biking

> Make sure you are physically fit and in great shape to take the arduous tour.
> Know your bike and all its mechanism.
> Always wear your helmet and safety gears.
> Always carry a first aid kit box on you.
> Research well on the place you are going to tour and its climatic conditions.

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