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About Paramotoring

India is a land of diverse beauty that can be explored in many ways. Though, a very exciting and absolutely adrenaline pumping way to get a glimpse of the vast landscape of India is through paramotoring. The joy of sailing high above the sky is simply marvelous and on top of that, you get to have a bird’s eye view of everything below. The power motor that runs the glider and the throttle used for maneuvering makes it all the easier for you to sail with no worries. You can just joyfully fly in the open sky like a bird and get a full view of the beautiful landscapes of this country. It is at once a very liberating and exhilarating feeling to go paramotoring.

Best Places for Paramotoring in India

Paramotoring is one of the most fun and interesting way to take in the fabulous terrains of India. In case you are one of those that live for the thrill then this sport is for you. If you are an adventure lover waiting to try out this fun ride then head down to the following places.


You can enjoy the thrilling experience of paramotoring in Bangalore and Karwar Beach in Karnataka. The vivacious city and the beautiful beach provide picturesque scenery to glide through. This coastal land offers a picture perfect paramotoring experience of its sandy shores.


Enjoy the adventurous sport of paramotoring in the lively city of Gurgaon. The best thing about paramotoring is that the motor enables sailing anywhere and you can have a great time getting an aerial view of the surroundings.


The city of Pune is rich with natural scenery and you can get a great view of the captivating surrounding by going paramotoring there. Enjoy this fabulous sport at Hadapsar. You will not only be very thrilled with this ride but also enjoy a panoramic view of the beautiful hill station.

Madhya Pradesh

Fly like a bird in the rustic city of Bhopal as you go paramotoring over its beautiful scenery. Explore more to the place in this fun and adventurous way.


Exploring Goa is quite an experience in itself as the place is filled with beautiful beaches and scintillating surroundings. You can discover a lot more to this place by going paramotoring at Mandrem beach in North Goa. Flying over a beach is simply a marvelous experience where you can take in the full view of the crystal clear water of the sea

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Important Tips for Paramotoring

> Go With a Licensed Company

It is important that you only take part in any such adventure ride with a professional and licensed company. This will not only ensure that your safety is never compromised but also allow you have to have a great experience without any concerns.

> Book Your Ride

Air and weather condition impact how low or high you can go during paramotoring which is why it is important that you book your ride in advance. The pilot will be able to ensure when the wind is steady to give you the best experience of the ride.

Necessary Precautions for Paramotoring

> Dress comfortably.
> Make sure you wear proper footwear and ditch sandal, heels or flip flops.
> Ensure you have your safety gear on properly.

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