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River Cruising

River Cruising

river 1  River Cruising

About River Cruising

Exploring the landscapes of India is not just confined to the land but also covers the vast and magnificent water bodies. Travelling through rivers is a very enriching experience where you experience a strange sense of tranquility as you take in the glorious beauty around. Several places in India allow you the luxury of cruising through water watching the diverse flora and fauna that surrounds you. These luxurious rides offer the most unforgettable and intimate travel experience. River cruise in India takes you deep within its idyllic places and see its scenery and sights close up. It lets you experience the true and authentic side of places that you couldn’t explore on foot or in a vehicle.

Best Places for River Cruising in India

There are many beautiful places in India where you can go river cruising. You can enjoy this luxurious experience with your family and friends to create ever lasting memories. If you are keen to go river cruising in this country then head over to the following places.

1. Kerala

The beautiful state of Kerala is famous for its tranquil and laid back atmosphere. A river cruise here helps you to experience the luxury houseboats and a marvelous view of the surroundings. You can sit back and relax as the boat slowly drifts through lush greenery and quaint villages that form the heartbeat of Kerala.

2. Andhra Pradesh

River cruising on Godavari River is a scintillating experience that lets you enjoy the captivating natural galore around. It is a deep and personal journey that lets you feel the real essence of the revered river. A trip down this river is one filled with beauty, serenity, grace and abundance of beauty.

3. Assam

Gliding your way through Brahmaputra River will give you a chance to bestow your sights on the magnificent beauty around. This natural abundance is home to many rare and exotic species of animals and birds. You will be amazed at the scenery around filled with green hills and deep blue sky.


The lesser known, equally beautiful version of Kerala, Mangalore offers you luxury cruises that could simply take your breath away! The locations is an all-time favourite for cruise lovers, as it is a perfect and unique combination of Sea Rivers and jungle cruises, something you don’t see every day! The long cruise is a perfect idea for a quick getaway and the chance to explore the mysterious beauty and charm of the oceans beyond

5. Goa
One can’t ever get enough of Goa and rightly so, after all the place is filled with so much to see that we are always on the lookout for new ways to explore it. A cruise through this popular destination is a great way to know this place more intimately. It also helps you to discover more about the Mandovi River of Goa and untapped natural beauty surrounding it.

6. Uttar Pradesh

The Ganges is a very important and revered river in India and taking a cruise through it lets you explore the serene water body and its wonderful surroundings. It also gives you a chance to see Munger Fort and the ancient town of Bhagalpur.

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Important Tips for River Cruising

> Pack Light

Don’t give in to the urge to over pack but rather pack light and make sure you put in comfortable clothing so you can relax and enjoy the cruise.

> Read up on the destination

It is always useful if you know more about the destination you are going cruising to. It will give you a better bearing and understanding about the place

Necessary Precautions for River Cruising

> Don’t lean on the ship railing
> Wear comfortable footwear on the deck
> Don’t pollute the water

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