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Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

About Rock Climbing

The diverse landscape of India offers a lot of scope to try out the extremely exciting sport of rock climbing. The mental and physical strength that it takes to indulge in this sport makes it an exhilarating experience. Adventure sports lover truly enjoy this activity that gives them an adrenaline rush unlike anything else. Though an outdoor sport, it can also be enjoyed indoors. The set up for indoor rock climbing involves artificially constructed wall and is referred to as artificial wall climbing. This sport promises fun at every step of the way and is a fabulous experience that should be enjoyed by everyone.

Best Places for Rock Climbing in India

If you are a thrill seeker or are looking to indulge in an exciting new activity then rock climbing is for you. It has emerged as one of the favorite sport and is sought after by many people. Here are some places in India where you can indulge in this fun activity.

1. Karnataka

Hampi in Bangalore is one of the most famous rock climbing destinations that pulls in adventure enthusiasts from all over the country. The entire area is dotted with barren rocky hills and is ideal for rock climbing. Other places in Karnataka to enjoy this sport are Turahalli, Sawan Durga, Ramanagara and Badami.


Susunia Hills of Bankura district and Mathaburu Hills of Purulia district are amazing destinations to indulge in the sport of rock climbing. It brings you close to nature and gives you a real rush of scaling heights.

3. Delhi

The capital city of India is fast emerging as a hub of adventure activities. There are many types of thrilling activities that one can enjoy here and rock climbing is one of them. Anand Parbat, IMF, Parade Grounds and Lado Sarai in Delhi are places where you can actually experience the thrill of climbing huge rocks in the open.

4. Haryana

Dhauj in Haryana is surrounded by huge Granite boulders and cliffs which makes for a fabulous place to indulge in this thrilling adventure sport.

5. Himachal Pradesh

The formidable and lush mountains of Himachal Pradesh offer an excellent location for undertaking rock climbing. You can enjoy this amazing sport right in the middle of beautiful landscapes at the Friendship Peak in Pir Panjal Range, Mount Deo Tibba, Shitidhar Mountain, Beas Kund, Palastu Peak and Seven Sisters.

6. Jammu and Kashmir

The beautiful valley of Kashmir is not just a great place to indulge in nature but also has its share of adventure. The mountains here have a great height with a varied and rugged topography. Sonamarg, Ladakh and Zanskar valley gives you a chance to explore the thrilling activity of wall climbing.

7. Rajasthan

There is a lot more to the state of Rajasthan than just royal palaces and grand ruins. It also has an adventurous side which you can explore by trying out wall climbing at Mt. Abu, Sirohi, Jaipur and Jaisalmer.

8. Maharashtra

The great fun and thrill of mountain climbing can be enjoyed at Maharashtra as well. You can partake in this exhilarating activity at Lonavala, Sinhagad Fort and Belapur.

Important Tips for Rock Climbing

> Proper footwear

You can enjoy the sport of rock climbing all the more if you are properly prepared for it. Wearing comfortable footwear will help you ascend the rock you are scaling and will keep a better grip.

> Start easy

Before taking on gigantic pieces of rocks it is better that you start easy with indoor walls. This will help you to learn how to form a grip and also train you to climb. Once you have ample amount of experience you can go for more strenuous climbing.

> Get geared up properly

While going for rock climbing, the gear is absolutely necessary. For top-roping, climbers also need a harness, lead rope, chalk bag, carabiner and belay device.

Necessary Precautions for Rock Climbing

> Make sure you are physically fit for the climb.
> Trust your trainer.
> Understand the equipment used for the climb.