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Segway Ride


segway 1 Segway Ride

About Segway Tours

Exploring the vibrant and colorful towns of India is very taxing on foot. Travelling in a vehicle through the narrow lanes is difficult and somehow diminishes the experience. In such a situation Segway tours are the best way to explore every nook and corner to this fascinating country. While walking is a tiresome activity, you can easily cover long distance on Segway. This form of travelling is best suited to India which is filled with many locations that are best experienced on foot. Segway tours are also very eco-friendly and have zero mission.

Best Places for Segway Tours in India

Exploring the cities and towns of India on a Segway is an experience which is unparallel. It allows you to come as close as possible to the heart of the place and is also deeply enriching.

1. Rajasthan

A Segway tour through havelis, temples, narrow streets, and incredible palaces of Udaipur and Jaipur lets you marvel at the true glory of Rajputs. You get to see the marvelous Amber Fort and Nahargarh Fort at Jaipur. While at Udaipur you get to explore Fatehsagar Lake, Solar Observatory, Rajiv Gandhi Park, Stone Sculptures, Neemach MataTemple and Nehru Garden.

2. Delhi

The city of Delhi is littered with monuments and its great heritage is best explored on a Segway. Imagine how amazing it would be to glide through sites such as the Parliament House, the Government Secretariat, the President’s Palace and The Lotus Temple. You can check out these places up close and make the most of the serene surroundings as well.

When you start to explore Goa on a Segway, you will discover a lot more than what this beach paradise unveils at first glance. St. Augustine Tower, River Cruise Point, Dona Paula, Goa Science Centre, Mandovi River View, Panjim Church, and Bhagwan Mahavir Garden are some major hotspots that you can cover in Goa on a Segway tour.


The beautiful Aamby valley in Maharashtra is another great place that can be explored at large on a Segway.

segway 3 Segway Ride

Important Tips for Segway Ride

> Foot placement is important

You need to stand on the Segway firmly in order to balance your body well and not wobble. This is best achieved if you are able to find a good grip on the footholds. Also make smaller movements instead of drastic turns and jerks that can throw you off balance.

> Don’t panic

Getting used to the Segway takes a short while. It is perfectly safe and people of a varied age group can easily maneuver it. So let go of all fear when you get on the machine as when you panic then you lose a firm hold on yourself and the device.

> Get basic training

This is an essential part that needs to be covered before you start any Segway tour. You need to get acquainted with the machine and how it works. The drill is a short one and can be easily grasped.

Necessary Precautions for Segway Tour

> Have confidence and enjoy the ride
> Make gentle moves
> Be careful about slowing and stopping

Segway 2 Segway Ride