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About Skydiving

We all know that India is a land which is filled with immense beauty and picturesque landscape that are simply breathtaking. There is plethora of ways to discover and re-discover this great land. Chances though are that you will simply have no idea how beautiful a place is just by exploring it from the ground. Skydiving gives you the perfect opportunity to appreciate the vast and gorgeous view all around you. The sport is extremely thrilling and gives an adrenaline rush unlike you have ever experienced before. Moreover the view that meets your eye when you jump so high from the sky and come propelling to ground is at once beautiful and very exciting.

Best Places for Skydiving in India

Sky diving is a popular sport among adventure lovers in India as it the most thrilling sport that one can enjoy. In case you wish to enjoy the rush that comes with plummeting to ground at a high speed then here is where you can partake in the sport of skydiving.

1. Uttar Pradesh

The name Hindon is extremely popular when it comes to skydiving. The quaint Hindon River which is a tributary of Yamuna River and the vast open lush plains provide the perfect background to undertake this thrilling sport. Hindon also serves as the biggest and largest air base in Asia and 8th in the world and regularly features as the one place where many sky diving records are made and broken. We have all looked at the bird and wished to fly like them and skydiving is perhaps the closest that you can get to any actual flying. The exhilarating rush that one feels when they zoom through the open air is purely indescribable and deserves to be experienced at least once.
There are different types of skydiving and the simplest one is you are connected to an instructor via a harness. The instructor pulls the chord of the parachute and you both land together on the ground. For a more advanced and exciting freefall further classroom instructions and practical training is given.

Important Tips for Skydiving

> Vigilance

The most important tip in every skydiving rule book is to pay all your attention to the instructor and follow everything that is being told. Following guidelines will ensure that you remain safe and are easily able to carry out all the necessary functions involved in the sport of skydiving.

> Be physically and mentally fit

All just adventure sports especially the extreme ones require that you are in the best mental and physical health. Eat right, warm up and be completely relaxed before skydiving. The sport is extremely safe and carried out by trained professionals. So, you might just relax and enjoy the experience.

Necessary Precautions for Skydiving

> Dress appropriately so you are comfortable while jumping from so high off towards the ground.
> Don’t over think about either trying out this amazing activity or taking the plunge. Just go for it!