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About Snorkeling

India is filled with immense beauty and there is a variety of beautiful landscapes you can explore here. Though, the seas and oceans here have just as much beauty as you will find on land. The underwater is a paradise comprising of rich hue of colors and aquatic flora and fauna that will simply take your breath away. Snorkeling is a wonderful way to discover the mesmerizing aquatic life deep underwater. The activity is fun and can be done easily as you have to wade in shallow water depths with half of your body above water. Snorkeling in India allows you to discover the fabulous life which thrives underwater.

Best Places for Snorkeling in India

Snorkeling is a famous activity in the country and is enjoyed by people of all age group. The activity is a lot of fun and gives you a peak into the beautiful flora and fauna that exist underwater. If you wish to enjoy the fabulous the fabulous sport of snorkeling then head to the following places:

1. Andaman and Nicobar

These gorgeous islands are blessed with tremendous natural bounty. As far as you will see you will find crystalline blue waters and white sand. This is why Andaman and Nicobar are a great place to indulge in snorkeling as the clear water helps in getting a real good view of the marine life that exists deep within it. Elephant Beach on Havelock Island is a popular spot to try out this activity as it has a huge variety of aquatic flora and fauna.


The islands of Lakshadweep are famous not just for their glorious view but also for carefully preserving bio-diversity. People all over the world come here to spot the abundant coral reefs. This place has emerged out to be one of the most popular snorkeling destinations. You can check out islands like Bangaram and Kadmat to spot a great variety of sea cucumbers, rays, sea turtles and crabs in shallow waters.

3. Goa

Goa is the ultimate destination for those who love beaches and can’t get enough of the Sun and sand. This popular beach and party place is also equally famous for its scenic views. You can enjoy snorkeling here and get a good view of underwater flora and fauna. Sinquerim Beach, Grande Island, Monkey Island and Palolem Beach are some of the famous place where you can partake in this activity.

4. Maharashtra

Another popular destination where you can enjoy snorkeling is the Tarkali beach. This sea side village is absolutely beautiful and has a good variety of underwater flora and fauna that you can check out. The clear blue waters are not just soothing to look at but also assure that you are able to view the scintillating aquatic life deep within them.

Important Tips for Snorkeling

> Learn how to fit your mask

The mask is an important equipment while snorkeling and has to adjust well to your face well. Make sure that you try out the mask beforehand and that it doesn’t leak or fog.

> Get a dry snorkel

Another must is that rent a dry snorkel or at the least a snorkel with a dry guard.

Necessary Precautions for Snorkeling

> Be confident and enjoy the activity
> Wear fins that fit
> Rent equipment ahead of time and adjust to it