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Water Sports Centres

Water Sports Centres

About Water Sports Centres

If you are looking to try the thrills and adventure of water sports then you no more have to plan a trip to abroad. The great land of India offers a plethora of destinations that are not just gorgeous but have great many water sports activities. The great variety of adventure aquatic sports in the country caters to everyone. You can be a water baby who just wishes to explore underwater or a complete adrenaline junkie and find activities that suit your requirement. Each new destination has something entirely new to offer and all of them are blessed with unique natural beauty. You can enjoy kayaking, rafting, river cruising, snorkeling and more at these locations.

Best Places for Water Sports in India

India is filled with water sports enthusiasts. It also has many destinations that cater to adventure sports lover where one can enjoy all the thrills of water.

1. Lakshadweep

The beautiful Lakshadweep islands are a tropical paradise that lure in people from all over the world. This place is a dream come true for every water sport enthusiast. There are a plethora of activities that you can enjoy here such as kayaking, scuba diving, canoeing, and snorkeling. The famous Agatti beach here has the most wonderful coral reef that will simply win you over with its beauty. Kavaratti beach is agreat place to go swimming, kayaking, and yachting. You can also view the beautiful aquatic life looking into its crystal clear blue water.

2. Kerala

Kerala is famous for its serene backwaters and cascading lush greenery. It has three beaches, Lighthouse, Hanwah, and Samudra that are popular amongst water sport lovers. The gorgeous scenic beauty that surrounds these three beaches makes them an ever popular destination for those who love sun, sand and surfing. The most popular sports here are boating and kayaking, although you can also indulge in parasailing, windsurfing, and water skiing. If you wish to see the real beauty of Kovalam, then backwater cruising is a must here.

3. Uttarakhand

Rishikesh in Uttarakhand is a haven for water sport lovers. You might run out of time and energy but never out of options here. The breath taking view of being surrounded by mountains that meet you as you go rafting or kayaking through the rivers is amazing. The place offers plethora of adventure activities which is suitable for beginners and hard core adventure lovers.

4. Andaman and Nicobar

Not only are the Andaman and Nicobar islands blessed with beauty that can awestruck anyone, they are also a hub of water sports activities. Scuba diving, snorkeling and kayaking are some of the popular sports that you can indulge in here. The aquatic flora and fauna of the island are full of beauty of a rare kind. For those who are not too keen to swim can get on a glass bottom boat that will let you have a good view inside the crystal clear water.

5. Tamil Nadu

Pondicherry in Tamil Nadu is not just a popular holiday destination for its unique architecture but also for being a great place to enjoy water sports. The city has many beautiful beaches where you can enjoy activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling. You can also get a good view of the underwater flora and fauna that forms a major attraction here.

6. Jammu and Kashmir

If you are a true adventure lover and wish to try out the most extreme water sport then head down to Zanskar Valley. This place is blessed with tremendous natural beauty which includes Zanskar Canyon, also known as the Grand Canyon of India. Rafting through the Zanskar River would be a fulfilling experience for the most ardent thrill seeker. You can also enjoy kayaking in the Nagin Lake and enjoy a serene experience.

Important Tips for Water Sports

> Go with a licensed agency

To enjoy the best experience go with a licensed agency that gives you the best and safest experience.

> Wear your safety equipment properly

Your safety equipments make sure that you are secure at all times. Hence, you need to keep in mind that they are in good shape and worn properly.

Necessary Precautions for Water Sports

> Listen to your instructor
> Dress in comfortable attire
> Wear proper footwear