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11th ATOAI Annual Convention


11th con

The 11th annual ATOAI Convention is coming at a very important time for the adventure tourism industry in India and the state of Uttarakhand. We took the decision to host the national convention in Uttarakhand to erase memories of the turbulent events of 2013. We feel this is an opportunity to bring everyone together and chart a new, more adventurous future! The convention is an opportunity to meet an expected 150 buyers, both domestic and overseas, policy-makers from the central and state government, and top-level media decision makers, in our home ground. We will be discussing a host of new initiatives and ideas during this convention. For the first time ever, the style of the convention programme and formats of our sessions will be something you have never seen before. The theme of the convention has been chosen to reflect this approach.


CONNECT: Meet and network with the largest number of delegates thanks to our pathbreaking technology-enabled Pre-Connect initiative, which brings together all stakeholders - sellers, buyers, government and media!

CREATE: Incubate new ideas through peer interactions and a first-ever Mentorship initiative!

CATALYSE: Use the spirit of the River Ganga, think out of the box and form impromptu discussion groups on the bank of the river!

CONSERVE: Initiate new dialogue to play a larger role preserving the ecosystem in which we operate!

11th convention