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Haryana may seem like a small, unassuming territory with nothing serious to boast of. however, the state actually contains within it some of the greatest locations, and also the greatest experiences of adventure and activity in the country. haryana has a wonderful mix of the hills, water and also some plains. there is plenty of anticipation and excitement that is associated with adventure in the state of haryana. several avenues make it possible for the timid and the challenged equally.


Haryana is a small state in north India which extends over 44,000 sq km. The state is also known as - The Abode of 'Hari'.Hari is the name of Hindu God.Haryana is the state from where the civilizations & Indian culture flourished.The state has witnessed many historical battles in past like the battles at Panipat and has presented canvas for the epic battle of Mahabharata at Kurukshetra.The state has a large number of old age temples with marvellous architecture which invites a large number of devotees and visitors from all parts of India.
 Eco Camps
 Eco Camps(Dhauj adventure zone)
In past 2-3 decades, the adventure tourism has also developed significantly which attracts many tourists.Activities like rock climbing, river rafting, canoeing trekking and parasailing are available to enjoy in many parts of the state.

>> Ecotourism activities like Eco-lodges, jungle resorts with Swiss cottage (tents), watchtowers, nature walks, herbal parks, outdoor camps etc.

>> Golf tourism & adventure activities such as rock climbing, river rafting, canoeing trekking and parasailing at Dhauj & Damdama adventure zones.


Archery(Dhauj adventure zone)



Haryana is the state in northern India with the geographical area of 44,000 sq km. The state has only 4% of forest cover.Main rivers which flow through Haryana are Yamuna, Ghaggar-Hakra, Chautang, Tangri river, Kaushalya river, Markanda River, Sarsuti, Dangri, & Somb.Lower Shivalik Hills & Aravalli Range are two main mountain ranges.The south-west part of the state has the semi-desert dry sandy plain known as the Bagar tract.


The temperature in summer is extremely hot at 45°C and moderate in winter.Hottest months are between May-June and coldest between December-January.Rainy season falls between July-September.



Faridabad & Gurgaon districts are the main tourist zones of Haryana.Both districts have well-developed adventure zones.The adventure zone of Faridabad is Dhauj & Gurgaon is Damdama. These hubs ensure and fulfil all requirements of tourists such as areas of commerce, communication, connectivity, hospitality, transportation, medical facilities etc.



The Dhauj adventure zone in Faridabad district is an ideal option for Eco-tourism as well as Adventure tourism experience.This zone offers an adventuresome holiday in a wilderness outback with fun and delightful surroundings.The zone is situated in the Aravali Hills which provides the geographical advantage for adventure and fun activities such as Camping, Hill Climbing, Rappelling, Valley Crossing etc.The camps also have bonfire and barbeque during winter nights which is very difficult to resist.


Balance walk

Balance walk


This type of camp is best for Family, School & Corporate requirements.The Dhauj camp consists of multiple eco-lodges as well as safari tents which is spread over 12 acres of land.This is perfect for the corporate people to have a fun outing away from stressful work.This also contributes to their team bonding.The Camp also offers a comprehensive Outbound Training Programs which enhance cohesiveness and synergies between team members and improve team bonding.
For students, the camp offers multiple activities and programs to help learn and explore new ideas, attitudes by doing things by themselves.


>> Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Flying fox, Hiking, River crossing, Cliff jump, Zorbing, Cycling, Raft Building, low rope obstacle course at Dhauj Camp.

>> Burmah bridge, Tarzan Swing, Command Net, Balance walk & Monkey crawl at Adventure Obstacle Park 

>> Lake tours: Picnic & Cycling tour at the Badkhal Lake, Surajkund Lake.

>> Swimming pool, tennis court, badminton court, billiard room and gym equipment all available at Gymkhana Club.

>> Golfing.

>> Tour of Anandpur Bandh (Dam), Mughal Bridge, Nahar Singh Palace & Rose Garden.


Raft building

Raft Building


BY AIR: The Indira Gandhi International Airport(38 KM).From Airport one can take cab/bus/metro.

BY RAIL: Faridabad Railway station(17 KM).From Railway station one can take cab/taxi to reach here.

BY ROAD: The adventure zones are well connected by road.

BY METRO: "Old Faridabad Metro Station"(20 KM).From metro station cabs are available.




In the laps of Aravali Hills and natural surroundings, the Damdama Adventure zone is a perfect area for the adventure tour.This place is suited for both Family as well as Corporate trips.There are many possibilities for activities such as camping, sports & trekking.The site is located near Damdama lake on Aravali hills.These sites have easy road access.

The Damdama Adventure Zone offers "Day Excursion" as well as "Night Stay" at camps.There are many fun activities available such as rain dance, outdoor games, music, boating etc.There are also several types of boats like rowboats, paddle boats & motor boats.The whole area is green and gives a natural unforgettable feeling.





>> Boating at Damdama Lake.
>> Trekking & Hiking on Aravali hills near Damdama lake.
>> Games and activities such as cricket, football, volleyball & dart.
>> Tour of Sultanpur National Park Bird Sanctuary, walking at Leisure Valley Park.
>> Adventure activities like water sports and rides.
>> Some more fun activities such as: Camel riding, Burma bridge, Zorbing, Rope climbing, Rifle Shooting, Commando-Bridge, Commando Net, Tyre gliding, monkey crawling.


BY AIR: The Indira Gandhi International Airport(38 KM).From Airport one can take cab/bus/metro.

BY RAIL: Gurgaon Railway station(27 KM).From Railway station one can take cab/taxi to reach here.

BY ROAD: The adventure zones are well connected by road.

BY METRO: Gurgaon Sector 55-56 Metro Station(18 KM).From metro station cabs are available.



Few other places to visit in Haryana are Panipat, Sonipat, Karnal, Sirsa, Rohtak & Bhiwani which are also fairly popular among tourists.