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Preetham Menon
T Quad
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#10 / 58 / G2 l Green Garden Road l Thadathil l T V Center, Kakkanad, Kerala 682037
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A powerful combination of conventional classroom and experiential learning programs that aims

at the overall development of Individuals and teams. The Participants undergoing the Outbound

Experiential training are instantly able to feel the results of their actions and realize the immense

difference that can be made by a changing their thinking and behavior. We've the expertise and the

professionals to conduct both outbound and inbound experiential learning through a variety of methods

and activities. The Management lessons learnt from these programs can be successfully applied to

Management Development, Organization Development, Leadership Development and Team Development.


Adventure & Experiential Learning: Adventure or Challenge based learning can be the key element

for developing - tight knit, effective and high performance teams. It is a powerful learning method

that results from the process of working toward the understanding or resolution of a problem or

challenge at hand. Challenge Based Learning provides the participants with a real problem to solve

upfront, allow them to brainstorm and use resources to gather information, and finally, solve the problem.



About T Quad


 Training; Trekking; Travel; Tourism T QUAD is one of the most exciting and dynamic ventures to ever come out of the southernmost tip of India. At a time when entrepreneurial fervor & a revolution in how we do business is sweeping the country T QUAD offers one of the most interesting and a literal out of the box insight into its core competencies of Trekking, Training, Travel & Tourism. T QUAD with its registered office in Cochin is led by a Dynamic, Versatile & Experienced Crew of professionals with eclectic backgrounds & expertise.