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A wonderful, quiet state in South India, most people mistake this ancient, traditional land to be a simple, quiet sanctuary. However, this stately abode allows for the most indulgent expressions of fun and activity, making for a wonderful holiday. Adventure in Karnataka assumes many forms, each of which fights for attention and its share of the spotlight. When you look closely at adventure in this state.

Karnataka is very beautiful, and its surroundings lend themselves beautifully to all forms of adventure. The seas allow for plenty of water activity, the hills are verdant and support many kinds of adventure, and the land itself is brimming with life, making it the ideal place for activity. There are several beach and lake resorts all over the length of the state, which make it possible for you to enjoy a number of water sports which include kayaking, canoeing, wind surfing and even scuba diving. And this is only when you scratch on the surface. Get closer still, and you will find other kinds of sport like corralling and windsurfing as well. The best places to enjoy varied forms of water sport include Karwar beach, Gokarna, Marawanthe and Devbagh. The Western Ghats which make their way through this state make it possible for you to enjoy plenty of different sites for trekking and rock climbing. This is not just a sport, but also a form of recreation which exposes the raw, uninhibited beauty of Karnataka and showcases the finest details here. A must conquer peak for you is the Kuduremukha peak, known not just for its imposing height, but also for its unique shape. The Kodachari, Agumbe and Kumara Parvata are other hills which you must try your hand at. These not only make for great climbs, but also allow you fantastic sights of the Arabain Sea, and great snapshots of the sunset as well. Fly straight into the sky with the rush of aero sport in Karnataka. Bangalore and Hoskote are wonderful places for you to try parasailing and paragliding. These are wonderfully executed here, with the genial climate and beautiful surroundings playing perfect host. There is lots to enjoy in Karnataka. While the climate is mostly charitable, the winters are the ideal months to visit. You would want to refrain from coming during the monsoon which lasts between June and September, since most activities are impossible. The summer months are good for being amid the hills here. It is important to carry all medical equipment, and ensure that you are in good health when you begin activity of any kind in Karnataka. Heart patients and those with blood pressure problems are best left to try some simpler forms of activity here. Always have a good instructor to guide you through all challenging activity, and do not undertake anything which you have not practiced before. There are certain areas like the Kuduremukha peak and National Park which are off limits as far as staying there or camping is concerned. It is important to follow government regulations and keep to the timings and rules laid down. Check for details such as these before making your plans for the day.


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