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12th Annual ATOAI Convention

12th Annual ATOAI Convention

Adventure Tour Operators Association of India (ATOAI) is delighted to announce its 12th Annual convention being held in Madhya Pradesh. Keeping the tradition of organizing ATOAI conventions at activity based locations, this time the venue is at an amazing, untouched, unbelievable place called “Hanumantiya”, which is at the banks of Indira Sagar Dam. The convention dates are from 12-14th Feb 2016

WHAT DOES THE CONVENTION OFFER? As the travel trade is witnessing rapid changes in technology and dynamics, it constantly poses a challenge to our tourism industry to maintain compatibility and match its pace. Changing dynamics hint at innovations and hence investments. The convention will offer a mix of activities keeping the tradition of active tour operator’s along with a lot of brainstorming pulsating sessions, which may answer a lot of questions which arise on a day to day basis. Today’s business challenges need to be addressed jointly and understood in collaboration. The convention will be a one stop shop which no one can afford to miss. Visionary speakers, true success stories from peers and genuine bonding time make it an impressive experience. Everyone is welcome. The convention will offer plethora of adventure and other activities to make it a memorable experience such as: - Climbing an artificial wall, Obstacle Course, Beach Volleyball, Cycling, Community Service & Hiking, Cruise boating, local fishermen catch the fish, Banana Rides, Water Parasailing, Island Overnight Camping, Stargazing, Tree Plantation Activity, Hot Air Ballooning. Paramotoring, Bird Watching etc WHY MADHYA PRADESH? Keeping in accordance with the times and creating new products is the ultimate way forward. MP State Tourism has proven to be a pioneer in this field. The state of Madhya Pradesh has taken the travel industry very seriously and has fulfilled all promises made. They have shown utmost sincerity and loyalty towards our industry and have walked the talk. In the past 10 years, MP has achieved great milestones and hence made it easier for the travel stake holders to trust this state tourism and invest in this destination. WHY INDIRA SAGAR LAKE? ‘Hanumantiya’ is a virgin and unknown hamlet in the heart of the “Heart of India” with an implausible expanse of over 61, 600 sq. kms. A resort has already been Inaugurated by the Madhya Pradesh Tourism to kick start this destination. The objective of conducting this convention at this location, is to showcase it to the travel trade stakeholders and potential investors, while experiencing the potential and magnificence of this new destination. Indira Sagar Lake has over 100 islands within which also have a lot of wildlife. All islands are accessed by speed boat, which takes over 45 minutes for the one side journey.

Convention Information

Venue: ‘Hanumantiya’ Indira Sagar Dam 124 Kms from Indore Madhya Pradesh

Starts on: 12-Feb-2016

Ends On: 14-Feb-2016

Charges: Rs. 6870/- per person

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