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Madhya Pradesh

A central state in India called Madhya Pradesh, there is little that this state likes to say about itself. However, within the stoic silence that it chooses to maintain, it has plenty that can charm you, and several wonderful elements which can keep you in good spirits.

Whether it is culture or adventure, the magnificence of Madhya Pradesh has such splendour that it really must be experienced to be believed. When you think of adventure in Madhya Pradesh, there are almost all forms of adventure that you can have easy access to, other than adventure in the mountains. Given the relatively low lying region that this is, there is no scope for thrill in the mountains, but every other stream of action can be found here. Come to Madhya Pradesh, not just the centre of the country, but the heart of all action.There are several rivers along with activities like boating and river rafting can be carried out. Bhopal and Jabalpur are popular places for boating, along with locations like Shivpuri and Khajuraho. Cruises are available in Jabalpur and Bhopal, which also makes other sport like canoeing and kayaking possible. More compelling adventure in the form of white water rafting is also possible along the Betwa river.In contrast, the skies present a blue of a different shade. With activities that include parasailing and gliding at the Bhopal Boat Club. Hot air ballooning is another activity that can be enjoyed here. Look for wonderful pastimes like biking, cycling and nature trails. These can be enjoyed almost all over the state with no effort, and equal joy. Panchmarhi is a great place to try some great cycling trails. </SPAN></P> <P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 10pt"><SPAN lang=EN-IN style="FONT-FAMILY: Calibri">There are great places for rock climbing in Madhya Pradesh. Although not the mountains all the way up north, you can still have the joy of some challenging heights at Gwalior, Chanderi and also Panchmarhi. Apart from these, you could also try and take enchanting elephant rides through the greatest scenes. This can be availed of at most parks in the state, including Kanha and Bandhavgarh.The joy of Madhya Pradesh is that you can find all sorts of adventure that can suit your needs. All the way from the quiet forms of adventure which the less adventurous can follow, all the way to challenging forms including rock climbing and white water rafting look for certain ways to be amused. When you are in the running to take up some serious adventure activity, ensure that you condition the body well before hand, and also take on any prior orientation that you may need. Look for a good instructor to help you through with your action and you will be able to enjoy the experience better. For any other sport, you will just need to be prepared with the basic requirements and all the medication you may need.


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Satpura Range at Pachmarhi
Bandhavgarh National Park
Khajuraho Temples
The Sanchi Stupa in Sanch