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Among the most popular states in the country is Maharashtra. This is the centre of activity, with the financial hub Mumbai being cosily ensconced within it. This is also the destination where there is plenty of sun, lots of adventure and thrills that await you at every corner. Tourism in Maharashtra is centred around the landforms that make the state, and the various themes that are associated with it. If you are among those who think Maharashtra to be the serious, matter of fact state.

A youthful heart contains within it reserves of action and adventure which can inspire and mesmerise you. A close look at Maharashtra can help reveal its pulsating thrill and palpable excitement. Water based fun is a big draw in this state which has a long coastline. There are multiple locations where you can actually try to get around to some serious water activity including diving. With tips and courses on scuba diving and snorkelling, you can get as close to being professional here as you would in some of the most reputed diving schools. This is not just a lesson, but an experience you will never forget. Tarkarli is among the best destinations for such activity. There are also some dams and lakes where you can enjoy other sports. These include Panshet and Bhandardhara. There are several caves in Maharasthra which are not just good for viewing, but also for climbing. The Karla caves are among the most sought after along with the Chaitya caves as well. Combine this with some interesting wildlife which can be experienced firsthand at the Malghat Tiger Reserve, or even the Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary. You must ensure that you get to the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary to get access to the greatest flighted beauties ever. Some of the most exciting activity can be taken in when you are in the hills. This will enable you to try out some adrenaline rushing activity like parasailing and gliding. Possible in Panchgani and even Kamshet, this is a chance to bear the brute force of the winds and challenge them head on While the summers can get rather warm, they can still allow you some activity, while the monsoon cuts the state out of action almost totally. It is best to try and use the mild winters to your advantage and enjoy the experience best. From October, the state throw its arms open to adventure lovers and allows them a chance to take in its best all the way through to March. When you look for sports which are more intense, ensure that your body is in the best shape, and that you do not suffer ailments related to blood pressure and the heart. This is important not just for undersea activity, but also for activities like parasailing. There are many other quieter activities which may be enjoyed by everyone equally.


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