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The East of India has a unique quietness and sense of mystery around it. This is a territory which is not often explored, which makes the experience only more exciting. A chance to be in the east is adventure in itself, and with the added action that the states provide, there is only more fun being here. With the wonderful landscape and beautiful surroundings, there is heaven to be experienced.

Meghalaya is a scenic state which finds lots of help coming in from the adventure it offers. There are hills, valleys, lakes make it possible for varied activity and lots of fun. Caving is a great activity to be tried here. Since Meghalaya boasts of the largest, longest caves in all of South Asia, it would be a pity to come this distance and not have a chance to take them in completely. The caves which are generously strewn all over do not just add to its charm, but also give it its own relevance. Siju, Syndai and Mawsmai are just some of the popular ones. you can find those that you like best. The slopes of the hills make for great biking and trekking. Since there is the influence of the mountains apparent here, there is bound to be adventure. However the absence of the snow makes it easier to navigate and enjoy. The Nehru Park and Orchid Lake have been developed well and allow tourists to undertake boating here. This is not just a popular hangout, but also a good place for adventure lovers to try some activities as well. There is plenty of scope for camping along these areas as well. A great sport here is golf. The golf course is open to all, with a beautiful backdrop to enthral you while you play. This must be tried at least once when you are here, the experience is novel. Most of the year is suitable for travel, although you would want to avoid being here in the monsoon since it does restrict movement. None of the sport here is particularly taxing except that in the hills. However, those who get claustrophobia should exercise caution when they are in the caves. Most sections are fairly safe, although you must check for disturbances and restricted sections before you make your travel plans here.


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