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A wonderful, sun kissed tropical heaven, Kerala is among the most generously endowed state in India. Every experience in Kerala has some adventure associated with it, which makes it the ideal destination for actions lovers and those looking for thrill. The landscape changes every few moments, and the surroundings lend themselves perfectly to a variety of activities

There are different kinds of adventure possible within Kerala. It is not really the form of adventure, but the manner in which it is experienced which makes a difference here. There are lots of hills in the state which make it possible to experience different forms of trekking including tiger wilderness camping, valley treks and forest treks as well. The best places for this include Periyar, Meeshapulimala and Korangini. The backwaters take up a large section of the state of Kerala, and are hence a great place for lots of action. When in the backwaters, you can quite easily look for different themes to take over. Backwater kayaking is very popular at Alleppey and Kuarakom. There is also a unique opportunity to try some white water rafting at Bhoothathankettu. Try some river kayaking along the Periyar and Thekkady sanctuaries to give your experience the perfect backdrop. Biking is an incredible form of recreation and also adventure in Kerala. You can bike through the hills, along the plantations and even the backwaters to give you a sense of the spaciousness and also the beauty of the state. Munnar, Periyar and Wagamon are among the most travelled routes, although nothing stops you from charting your own course. Get along the coast, or through the greens and make your own way through Kerala. The monsoon in Kerala is furious, and the months between June and September are almost impossible for any experience save that of the monsoon. Adventure is almost at a standstill here. The summers are humid, but support adventure activity well. You can enjoy all other activity through the year. Ensure that you take up only as much as your physical condition permits. For those with health problems, milder forms of adventure like biking are best. Practice well before you take up any serious adventure sport which may be available on the beaches. Carry sufficient medication, and always have a guide when you go through the jungles and parks. Although there are no regulations, it is best to check for rules and comply.


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