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Rajasthan is among the most glorious states in India, endowed with much more than just a spectacular landscape. Rajasthan is notorious for its miraculous charm and magnetic appeal. It is the most gifted state, given that it has pleasant hills, scorching desert and also thick forest. Not only does it make for wonderful viewing, but also grants scope for plenty of adventure.

If adventure is what you need when you are in Rajasthan, look for plenty of ways to be entertained and suitably occupied. In its many forms any states, adventure in Rajasthan is the greatest draw for tourists from all over. Dusty pleasures and thrilling feats are the certain winners in the land where adventure is the unmistakeable undertone. Almost every kind of activity conceivable in India can be experimented with in Rajasthan. In addition, there are several unique activities which you can look to try your hand at. Trekking is a great sport here. Given the vast expanses of the Aravalli Hills, there is a range of different places where you can try trekking, and also where you can partake the view of the magnificent surroundings. Camel and horse sports are something that not every other state can allow. However, you can not just watch, but also partake in. Horse and camel polo are fantastic ways to share the thrill of the outdoors with great beasts. Jodhpur and Jaipur are the best places to try and get access to some parasailing and ballooning activity. They offer some wonderful stills of the cities below and also give a great ambience and winds. Rajasthan may have the desert, but it is also generously endowed with several lakes. This makes it possible for several kinds of water based sport which include fishing, swimming and boating. Adventure in Rajasthan is fairly easy on everyone, since it has a largely slower pace and makes fewer demands. Unless it is heavy activity in the hills or parasailing or paragliding, you would need to be in better shape. Otherwise, this is something that is convenient and accessible to all. If you are among those who are looking for slower forms of adventure you could also try some golf or even bicycling. However, it is best to get yourself checked before you look to take up any of the adventure activities in Rajasthan seriously. Plan well before your trip and ensure you make all preparations required. There is almost no restriction on any of the adventure, other than that you must register with an authorised institution when you plan for sport like paragliding or parasailing. It is also best to travel with a guide or instructor so that you are in the safest hands.


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