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Sikkim may look like a tiny state which is cornered and squashed in somewhere in the North East of the country. However, this is the most surprising state of all, with a climate, topography and lifestyle which leaves everyone coming back over and over for more adventure. A pristine state which is unpretentious and welcoming, Sikkim is the place to be when your heart yearns for plenty of action.

Adventure in Sikkim is a chance of a lifetime a chance to mix wondrous nature with active sport, something which is hard to find at its native best. A largely mountainous locale, Sikkim bases most of its adventure around mountain activity. Not that this is crippling in any way. The sheer number of things to do can make your holiday extend beyond your belief. To begin with, there is plenty of scope for trekking, with some of the most famous peaks found in the south of the state. The most famous, the Kanchenjunga lies waiting to be conquered. There are several others which are just as majestic. If climbing the mountains is not enough for you, try biking through them. Mountain biking is a compelling activity which several people look to undertake in Sikkim. Navigating through the roads and winding upslope of the state, there is lots of fun and great thrill in just being here. The North and west of the state are the favourite haunts for bikers. If the mountains need a deserving break, there are rapids which can help you try some white water rafting as well. The rivers Teesta and Rangeet have several sections in Sikkim where this is possible, and if you have the stomach for it, it must e tried at least once during your stay. A unique experience presents itself in the form of Yak safaris. A chance to ride the mammoth yak is a chance not everyone can find in daily life. There are wonderful sites along the lake Dzongri and also Tsomgo. These allow you a chance through the mountains and also along the water bodies. Be a bird in Sikkim and try looking at the mountains and beautiful scenery below. Hang gliding is a sport people come from all over to experience in Sikkim. A chance to spread yourself and let your heart and body fly, this is a chance for you to feel free and let the rush of the winds take you over. The winters are almost impossible to bear in Sikkim. Try the summer months between April and October to be able to make the most of your adventure. The sheer altitude and climate make it necessary for you to be in great shape to enjoy mountain activity, or any other sport in Sikkim. This is certainly not for those with heart or blood pressure related problems, or even vertigo. Those with ailments should try simple activities like yak safaris. Plan and prepare well for any adventure before you begin. Always go through a course before taking up rafting or mountaineering here since it is a very taxing experience. It is important to follow all regulations and stay within areas which are for the public. Avoid restricted sections unless you have a special permit.


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